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  1. Tojazil says:
    2. a. a prefix used in the names of chemical compounds that are bases. b. a prefix used in the names of compounds in which an element is present in a relatively small proportion: suboxide. For variants before following consonants in Latin loanwords, see su-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur- 2, sus-.
  2. Kazizilkree says:
    Sub definition, a submarine. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. ,
  3. Faujar says:
    Sub-Zero refrigeration is anywhere refrigeration. Whether you choose integrated drawers, beverage centers, undercounter refrigerators, or ice makers, our units fit seamlessly within the flow of your home and the way that you live.
  4. Dokinos says:
    Until the COVID crisis has past, SUB2r is adhering to postponing events and operating remotely. Online demos can be arranged. Unleash your imagination - let your story go live. Your Story Is Unique.
  5. Mohn says:
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  6. Musho says:
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  7. Kazrami says:
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  8. Gasho says:
    When writing a chemical formula, such as H 2 0, the number of atoms of a given element within the described molecule is represented using a subscripted number; in the case of water, the subscripted "2" indicates that there are two atoms of hydrogen in the molecule.
  9. Voodoorr says:
    In mathematics, trigonometric substitution is the substitution of trigonometric functions for other expressions. In calculus, trigonometric substitution is a technique for evaluating integrals. Moreover, one may use the trigonometric identities to simplify certain integrals containing radical expressions. Like other methods of integration by substitution, when evaluating a definite integral.

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