9 thoughts on “ Deprive

  1. Doukree says:
    to take something, especially something necessary or pleasant, away from someone: He claimed that he had been deprived of his freedom / rights. You can't function properly when you're deprived of sleep.
  2. Samumi says:
    verb (used with object), de·prived, de·priv·ing. to remove or withhold something from the enjoyment or possession of (a person or persons): to deprive a man of life; to deprive a baby of candy. to remove from ecclesiastical office.
  3. Zulkikasa says:
    marked by deprivation; lacking the necessities of life, as adequate food and shelter: a deprived childhood.
  4. Mocage says:
    Jul 22,  · Op-Ed: It's Wrong To Pay Cops Peanuts, Then Deprive Them of the Right to Self-Defense. David Livingston / Getty Images Los Angeles Police Department officers wearing protective face masks are seen on May 16, in Venice, California. (David Livingston / Getty Images).
  5. Kazrajinn says:
    transitive verb If you deprive someone of something that they want or need, you take it away from them, or you prevent them from having it. They've been deprived of the fuel necessary to heat their homes. Synonyms: dispossess, rob, strip, divest More Synonyms of deprive.
  6. Dolkree says:
    de‧prive /dɪˈpraɪv/ ●○○ verb → deprive somebody of something → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus deprive • That is because 10 defections would deprive Gingrich of a majority. • You have the intention permanently to deprive me of the petrol.
  7. Grosar says:
    Definition of deprive written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.
  8. Tagal says:
    DEPRIVE Meaning: "to take away; to divest, strip, bereave; divest of office," from Old French depriver, from Medieval See definitions of deprive.
  9. Tejinn says:
    Synonyms for deprive in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for deprive. 14 synonyms for deprive: dispossess, rob, strip, divest, expropriate, despoil, bereave, dispossess.

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